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CAR.O.L Bike

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$2,995 or low monthly payments

Every CAR.O.L stationary bike is designed with years of research and the latest AI technology allowing you to reach your health and fitness goals with a short yet efficient workout.

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Subscription Details

With your CAR.O.L subscription, you have the ability to create 8 user profiles, each with their own AI-optimized exercise programs. These personalized accounts track each rider’s progress, enabling them to receive a workout with perfectly calculated resistance and safety features like heart rate monitoring and ride alerts.

Subscriptions include access to your performance metrics from any device. The metrics available include CAR.O.L’s proprietary Octane Score, which measures your cardiovascular fitness, giving you a sense of your health wherever you are. Multiple live leaderboards allow users to create a friendly sense of competition. When riders are away from home they can use their personal login to ride other CAR.O.L bikes available around the world.

CAR.O.L subscriptions are $12/per month. (free for the first year and billed annually thereafter)


  • Android and Apple Companion App
  • Tablet Console
  • Power Measurement (Watts)
  • WIFI Enabled
  • Pairs with Bluetooth Headphones
  • Weight (Fully Assembled) 139lbs
  • Max User Weight 286.6lbs


5.0 rating

I have just ordered my own Carol bike after riding a friend’s for a month and experiencing the results.


5.0 rating

I have been using the CAR.O.L bike 2-3 times a week since December – it has basically replaced my gym sessions! I have noticed an improvement in stamina and the fact that it’s such a short workout is such an encouragement.


5.0 rating

I’ve been exercising every day since I got the bike. It’s so fun. I´ve recommended it to some of my friends


5.0 rating

At this point, I would love to get rid of our WattBike and use CAR.O.L for all our interval training


5.0 rating

Just want to thank everyone at Car.o.l. The machine remains one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, and it is helping my family get through the stay-at-home protocol during the pandemic. The support from the company has been equally brilliant. We are grateful for our Car.o.l and appreciate all the company has done, and is doing.


5.0 rating

As a 58 year old male who has been into fitness  my entire adult life, I must say I was skeptical. After using C.A.R.OL for the last two months, I am amazed as to how efficient and challenging, this is.


5.0 rating

I must say, it’s my favourite cardio machine I have  ever used. Incredibly efficient, challenging, and fun! All made possible through the AI optimization coupled with a high-quality bike


5.0 rating

I have had my bike for 5 weeks now and absolutely see a difference in my progress. I do the intense ride every other day. I thought I would try the FatBurn mode a couple of days ago and wow was that a challenge. Makes the intense ride seem like a piece of cake!


5.0 rating

The bike is great – I am very impressed with how it’s all built and put together. I no longer have an excuse not to do exercise, as at 20min anything can wait till that’s done! I have a new daily routine of getting up and putting the filter coffee on, then do the bike for 20min which matches almost exactly with the brew time!
Also, still can’t believe that I ordered it on a Monday and it was here in Singapore 9am Friday morning – from UK – mid Virus lock down – straight through customs!



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$12 / month subscription

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Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 150 cm
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